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we are MEDIApel!
creative. strategic. authentic.

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creative minds. strategic thinkers. authentic designs. that's MEDIAPEL. your new agency. your future!


cross-media is the future.

MEDIAPEL is your new agency. we have the courage to be different. we are neither hip nor old-school. we love and live all facets regardless of the current era, free of grids and fashion trends. we believe that only the right mix of different themes will make your project successful and, above all, different. you stand out if you DON'T just fit into one box. we are your social media crew and professionals in the field of content creation.

nevertheless, we like the smell of printed paper and have books on the shelf – we believe that cross-media is the way to reach the right goal. we love positive surprises and are known for them. we believe in a diverse range. one can be seen and measured, the other can be touched and felt. the combination makes you successful. a whole herd of creative minds will implement your ideas in cooperation with you. we write, design, layout and fill your project with life. 

our partners

for each other & together.

cooperation makes us partners. trust in each other makes us allies.

here we are


define the word agency. agency comes from the latin word agere and means nothing other than to act. 
our agency stands for much more than just acting. we react, define, multiply, analyze, moderate, sensitize, accredit, place, photograph ... and so much more! 
the most important thing for us is US. as a team, we develop your concepts, implement your ideas, turn dreams into plans and plans into reality. 
small projects, big concepts, digital or in print format. for brands or creators – we know and can do both. 

MEDIAPEL. your new agency. your future. 

from us. for you.

ekor – the horse. the human. a team. born from a vision that has stayed with us to this day. every issue is a gift. from us. for you. 


let's be social!

whether youtube, facebook, tiktok or instagram – influencers rule the social media channels! as an agency, we arrange the necessary contacts between companies and social media stars. 

influencers. are you looking for an agency that recognizes your values and finds suitable cooperation partners for you? we are here for you! we create your special media kit and manage your cooperations completely – from the first contact to the payment process. we, your agency, protect you legally. in addition to processing inquiries, we approach you independently and always find 'the perfect match' for you as a creator.

brands. you want to make your own brand known to the right target group with influencer marketing? use professional social media campaigns on your channel, get more reach and thus increase your sales? then we are the right crew for you. we have the right influencer network. we develop the strategies and campaigns, create your content plans, and guide you to your goal.


  • influencer marketing 
  • social media campaigns 
  • social media strategies 
  • media planning 
  • conceptualization 
  • social media management 

the box

the surprise box for horse people.

the guideline is your highlight. 

buy individual boxes or use our “friendly” subscription.

surprise yourself!

ekor and friends box

the ekor and friends-box is a surprise box for horse people of all ages. it doesn't matter whether you have your own horse or pony or ride in a riding school. icelandic, haflinger, german riding pony, hanoverian...

our box is a real highlight for every horse breed and horse size. the ekor and friends-box always arrives in the middle of the month with a corresponding guideline and contains high-quality products for horse and rider. dive into the wonderful world of surprises with us and discover new styles every month. 


the magic between the lines drives us

the horse. the human. a team. this is ekor's guiding principle. all our lifeblood flows into this special equestrian magazine: the focus is on the unity of horse and human. ekor does not judge, does not think in fixed categories, does not divide into riding styles. ekor has the courage to be different.

... and further editions.

ekor has the courage to be different.

  • knowledge makes us better riders and horse people – we believe this from the bottom of our hearts. 
  • we want to encourage you to think and feel for yourself, to use your knowledge to constantly deepen your relationship with your horses. 
  • we do not commit ourselves to a specific riding style but think and work across disciplines. 


teamwork makes your dream work!

we turn dreams into plans and plans into reality. we are your crew. 

managing director

Karin Apel


Florian Apel

head of design

Karin Hildebrand

social media management

Martina Lenzen

editorial staff

Ines Vollmer


Fleurie Feldmann


Luisa Hildebrand


Ahmed Granica


Franciska Haarbusch-Noll

social media management

Michaela Kuhlmann

editorial staff

Kim Henneking


Daniela Holler


Monika Christl

get in touch.

do you have ideas or a concrete project, do you want to do your own thing or continue to grow? then dare to dream big and get in touch with us. we look forward to hearing from you.